The ASDIC network links member Drop-Ins together for their mutual benefit and makes them more accessible. Sometimes called Hubs or Centres, each Drop-In will already have its own way of doing business and joining ASDIC does not mean those mature arrangements or well-proven practices should change, especially when they accord with local resources and practice. Indeed one of the strengths of the Drop-In community is the way each one can reflect local conditions.

However, members of ASDIC will be expected to conform to the ethos, spirit and culture of the Association, making sure that their activities always remain in the best interests of Service Users.  The aim is to build on existing foundations and help Drop-Ins to improve services coherently and, in so doing, reflect the principles of the ASDIC brand.  To this end, all member organisations are encouraged to use the ASDIC logo on their promotional material, making it clear that they are part of the ASDIC family. This will be made available when joining.

In 2019 the ASDIC Drop-In Working Group produced a short leaflet on how to set one up with A Simple Guide to Starting a Veterans Hub  accompanied by a helpful guide offering more detailed considerations in our Grow Your Own Hub Guide

New Members

The membership conditions are explained in the ASDIC Membership Application.

Essentially, to be eligible to join ASDIC, Drop-Ins should:

  • In the normal course be open regularly, at least once per month. In abeyance during current COVID restrictions of course.
  • Offer support to veterans without charge.
  • Have a volunteer and/or pro bono component of staff.
  • Encourage all relevant supporting organisations in their local area to visit the Centre and assist veterans whenever possible.
  • Build a mutually beneficial relationship with ASDIC’s Regional Coordinators and all appropriate organisations and authorities in the local community.
  • Be a member of Cobseo or be sponsored by a representative of ASDIC – normally after a visit (once COVID restrictions are lifted).
  • Have been in operation for at least six months.
  • Drop-Ins who aspire to meet these criteria but have not yet done so may join as prospective members, achieving full membership once fully established.

ASDIC welcomes new members and all qualifying Drop-Ins are encouraged to join. ASDIC looks forward to their contribution to the network, expanding the help and support that can be offered collectively to veterans and their families.

Those who would like to join please fill in the  ASDIC Membership Application and submit it for approval. Note that in doing so you enter into the agreement on behalf of all those who represent their organisation. Please remember ASDIC relies on each Drop-In to keep their details up to date on the ASDIC website, so when changes occur please make sure you tell us.

Welcome to ASDIC!

Privacy Policy

ASDIC’s  Privacy Policy sets out how ASDIC complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and protects any information that is given to ASDIC. All Drop-Ins should develop their own privacy policy with particular regard to their Service Users.

Are you interested in becoming a member?