The Association of Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) represents and links veterans’ Drop-Ins across the country.  Sometimes called Hubs or Centres, Drop-Ins offer a variety of welfare and mental health support, together with comradeship and a sense of well-being, to the ex-military community and their families, and ASDIC helps them to enhance the service they can provide and make them more accessible.  It’s a hugely successful concept that’s been evolving at least since the Falklands conflict and has gained enormous momentum since the UK’s involvement in the Middle East interventions in the decades since.  Quite simply, it’s a movement led largely by veterans for veterans – all Services, all ranks – in a huge number of locations across the country, where those who have served can just, literally, drop in and find everything from friendship and free coffee to some serious professional and focused advice and guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximise the sustainability, resilience, effectiveness and delivery of Drop-In Centres, and improve liaison with Breakfast Clubs, across the United Kingdom to ensure that all vulnerable veterans receive swift and empathetic support and that their needs are appreciated at higher levels.

There is now a large number of centres of all shapes and sizes, in big cities and small towns, where the overriding wish to help our fellow veterans can take any shape.  ASDIC just exists to help all these centres keep in touch with one another, promote mutual understanding, share problems and try to ensure that the grass-roots picture of veterans on the ground is appreciated by the larger charities and government.  The first and most important message on this site is that ASDIC is completely independent;  it’s there both to help all those fantastic volunteers who are doing such good work on the ground, and to make higher authorities appreciate what’s happening with our veteran community on the streets of this nation.

This website explains where the many Drop-In Centres are, how to get in touch with them, and their details such as exact location and opening hours.  There’s no need to book or contact in advance – just turn up!  The interactive map below should help you find your nearest location, or you can access the Veterans Gateway.

ASDIC Centre leaders are all passionate about the services they offer and, if they can’t help with your problem, they’ll know where to look.  Welcome to this unique community, which provides the very best of comradeship and support that veterans know and value!

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