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John Willie Sams Centre
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear NE23 7HS


Paula Edwards






Women veterans in the United Kingdom are an invisible, marginalised and frequently ignored population within the veteran community. Salute Her UK is a strong voice advocating for a holistic, compassionate continuum of services, treatment and care for our women veterans, families, care givers and care providers.
Salute Her UK works to improve the lives of UK women veterans by addressing the distinct and intersectional needs of women veterans. We highlight the unique and often unrecognised challenges facing women veterans both during and after service. For example, issues regarding gender, age, social class, race, disability and sexual orientation.
Salute Her UK is the only trauma informed, tri service, gender specific trauma hub in the UK.
We want to provide a bespoke service to all women who have served in the Armed Forces by focusing on the physical, emotional and social and spirtual aspects of life while advocating, empowering, and educating women on their path to a life full of meaning and growth.
To empower women veterans and provide them with the tools they need to live successful meaningful lives filled with passion, purpose, prosperity and the opportunity to be of service to others.

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