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Company Number: 09422840

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Opening Times

0800 until 2000 every day – office telephone only


Third Floor Office
23 Southernhay West
Exeter, Devon EX1 1PR


We provide specialist one to one intervention coaching for free to any veteran or close family member throughout the UK and overseas. Coaching is limitless. Being non-clinical we do not assess, diagnose or provide any form of opinion on a clients MH. The client is offered one session only and then has to ask for more directly with the coach. The client decides when to stop. Each client is coached to change the meaning they are making of events or the future in order to change the feeling. The work is content free so there is no requirement to relive trauma.
Sessions last a minimum of one hour on video or 2 face-to-face. Video work allows us to reach a veteran or a family member anywhere in the UK or the world.
The client is coached to independence and to become their own coach.

Delivery Partners in support

NHS, ‘Blue Light’ Emergency Services, Veterans in the Criminal Justice System