The Veterans’ Drop-in at St Pancras Hospital

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Opening Times

Time:           1700 hrs to 1900 hrs.


Thu 30th June,
Thu 21st July,
Thu 25th August,
Thu 29th September,
Thu 20th October,
Thu 17th November.


Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) Service
London and South East
West Wing
St Pancras Hospital
London NW1 0PE


Rob Henderson

Richard Chalmers

0203 317 6818


St Pancras Hospital,

4th Floor, West Wing,

4 St Pancras Way,




We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the Veterans’ Drop-in at St Pancras Hospital, an integral part of reaching veterans and families from across Greater London. The Drop-in is offered in collaboration with NHS Op Courage and multiple partners across the veteran community. It supports veterans to access a range of help with health and social issues, via specialist case workers and peers.

All ex-service personnel are welcome, no matter service length. This includes serving personnel with a set discharge date.

Standard offering:

  • NHS clinical specialists able to take referrals and talk through mental health and wellbeing needs.
  • Regional representatives of the London Department of Work and Pensions veterans’ champions.
  • Peer support, including advocacy and social needs.
  • Support to access the NHS Veterans’ Trauma Network (VTN), for physical health, chronic pain and injury support.
  • Housing advice.
  • Access to veterans’ community groups and social activities: fitness, friendship and reducing social isolation.
  • Employment, retraining and personnel development support
  • Finances, including debt management
  • Addiction
  • Confidential families support

We provide free tea, coffee, and other snacks, including Old Jamaica ginger beer.

Please keep an eye on this page for future events and engagement opportunities.

Delivery Partners in support

Stoll, QVSR, SSAFA, WWTW, RBL, Fighting Chance, Alcoholics Anonymous, Armed Forces Breakfast Club, DWP Armed Forces Champions, NHS Veterans Service User Group, and the NHS ‘Operation Courage’ Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.