Welsh Guards Association


Status Regimental Association
Charity No.
Company Reg No.


Welsh Guards Association,
Maindy Barracks,
Whitchurch Road.
Cardiff CF14 3YE


Maldwyn Jones
Secretary General
(07967) 701575

Jiffy Myers
Regimental Veterans Officer
(07456) 985729

Website: www.welshguardscharity.co.uk/association

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/groups/welshguardsreunited


The Welsh Guards Association is set up to maintain links between former Guardsmen, to assist in any welfare matters and to encourage contact with the Regiment.  The Association is one of the first points of contact for any retired Guardsmen seeking help or assistance.

We have branches throughout Wales (Cardiff, East Glamorgan; Llanelli; Cardiganshire & Pembrokeshire; Merthyr Tydfil & Aberdare; Monmouthshire; North Wales; Ogmore; Swansea & West Glamorgan; Montgomeryshire, Shropshire & Midlands) in Chester (North England) and in London, so we are well placed to support a number of Drop-Ins across the country.

We support the following Drop-Ins:

Currently we attend Woody’s Lodge (Colwyn Bay) and are keen to support other Drop-Ins in any way we can.  So please get in touch to see how we can work with your Drop-In.