ASDIC has a short Newsletter called Ping! which is sent to members every few months. This contains news of general interest to ASDIC Members, but it is also an opportunity for Members to promote information of interest to others, either about themselves or their local community. So send any news stories and pictures that you would like published to the ASDIC Office for consideration.


2019 Event
Wed 11 December Steering Committee Meeting - Greenwich Hospital
Wed 13 November ASDIC Conference - Bolton University Institute of Management. (Programme below)


(8 Oct 19)  ASDIC Conference – Programme.

(17 Sep 19)  The latest digest of useful information and notices for the South East from Forces Connect Newsletter

(19 Aug 19) LifeWorks is part of RBLI and offers courses to help veterans and their families find employment.  The next ones are for spouses at Thorney island (10-12 Sep), RAF Cosford (24-26 Sep) and RAF Marham (1-3 Oct).  Ring 0800 319 6844 or and Register if you would like to attend.

(24 Jun 19)  Are you leaving or are you supporting someone who is leaving the Armed Forces? See resources on Adjusting to life outside the armed forces

(21 May 19)  Good advice about how veterans can make the most of their GP.  Worth having in your Drop-In.  NHS England Top Tips leaflet for the veteran




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