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(June 2020) Thoughts on ASDIC’s future

You will all be aware of the old maxim: ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’, and you will similarly remember the vast amount of effort the individual Services put in to planning, both to improve their own efficiency and to be ready to combat situations we hoped would never happen.  ASDIC must similarly mould itself into a flexible, responsive but lean organisation that can be of maximum benefit to all of you out there on the front-line by presenting the Drop-In community in the best possible light to the widest possible audience.  Thus a few thoughts for the future:

  • Size and location.  As you probably know, for the past couple of years ASDIC has operated as a discrete ‘Project’, funded under the LIBOR scheme and situated within Veterans Outreach Support (VOS) in Portsmouth.  We have now secured further funding for the next three years from the Covenant Fund Trust, and we are applying for formal charity status as an independent entity – regrettably all a bit delayed by the virus.  We will be establishing a separate Head Office (indeed, the only office!) at the Royal British Legion Industries village near Aylesford, Kent, and we hope all this will be up and running by early July.  Present plans see the present Director (ie me!) becoming the CEO, assisted by a Communications and Marketing Manager and an Admin Assistant.  The previous leadership team remain closely involved, with Peter Mosse retaining responsibility for liaison with our Associates (ie the larger charities, and Associations with specific responsibilities – see thoughts further on) and Malcolm Farrow dealing with Regionalisation (immediately below) and the Drop-In Centres themselves.
  • Regionalisation.  Our membership directory now lists 53 entries, but some of these are multiple locations – so this covers nearly 70 Drop-Ins.  We maintain a list of many more that we know of, and which we hope will become full members in time,  giving us an exciting total of at least 160 – and the list continues to grow.  However, we just don’t have the resources to be able to advise, support and communicate with that number to the degree that I would like, and Malcolm has therefore devised a breakdown into 20 regions that will be able to tackle local issues in a more hands-on fashion.  Each region will have a volunteer coordinator, normally an experienced Centre leader, who can bring a more personal level of expertise and assistance to his or her local area while providing vital feedback to the national picture.  Details, boundaries, protocols and personalities are still being worked out and obviously we’ll keep you all in the picture, but I’m looking forward to a lot of progress when things get back to normal.
  • Governance.  While acting as the Project under the auspices of VOS, ASDIC has been governed by a Steering Committee.  In preparation for charity status, this has now been superseded by a Board of five experienced Trustees chaired by Dr David Trotman, until recently CEO of the well-known and highly successful Woody’s Lodge Drop-In in South Wales.  His colleagues are Howard Davies (Treasurer), Dorinda Wolfe Murray of the FirstLight Trust, Roger Nield MBE, our Regional Coordinator for the South East, and Colonel Clive Newell OBE JP, formerly of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.  The first Board meeting was recently held courtesy of ‘Zoom’ and, to everyone’s surprise, it worked rather well!

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