ASDIC has a short Newsletter called Ping! which is sent to members every few months. This contains news of general interest to ASDIC Members, but it is also an opportunity for Members to promote information of interest to others, either about themselves or their local community. So send any news stories and pictures that you would like published to the ASDIC Office for consideration.


2019 Event
Wednesday 13 March ASDIC Steering Committee Meeting in London
Saturday 29 June Armed Forces Day


New Funding! A new Covenant Funding Programme has been launched, the Veterans’ Community Centres funding programme. This is a specialist funding programme for existing veterans community centres of which there will be three rounds of funding, and applications for the first round need to be received by 11th March 2019. See further details at this Link

(2 Feb 19) The Positive Pathways Programme will have a budget of £9M to fund projects that will develop and run activities which are supportive to ex- forces mental health and wellbeing. More details here

Have you seen what is on offer at The Battle Back Centre (Lilleshall); a great range of Free residential courses for Veterans. Next course is 18-22 Feb 19 see link for further details and dates here

See the Directory for details of our new Members.  We are delighted to welcome The Gunners, Veterans in Crisis and Durham Veterans Contact Point DVCP

Have you seen the Governance and Support documents available from Cobseo? Definitely worth a look Cobseo Governance


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