ASDIC has a short Newsletter called Ping! which is sent to members every few months. This contains news of general interest to ASDIC Members, but it is also an opportunity for Members to promote information of interest to others, either about themselves or their local community. So send any news stories and pictures that you would like published to the ASDIC Office for consideration.


2019 Event
Saturday 29 June Armed Forces Day
Wednesday 13 November ASDIC Conference - Bolton


(21 May 19)  Good advice about how veterans can make the most of their GP.  Worth having in your Drop-In.  NHS England Top Tips leaflet for the veteran

(4 May 19) Have you heard of fuel poverty? National Energy Action (NEA) offer face to face guidance and signposting to ex-service (and serving) community on understanding bills and meters, tariffs, rebates, energy efficiency, reducing mould and condensation, fuel debt, saving money, health issues exacerbated or caused by being too cold and more. Please contact NEA to arrange talks to groups, casual chats to people over a cuppa in a community café, or 1 to 1 appointments in person or over the phone – whatever suits service users or Drop-Ins. NEA can attend events with an information stand or even offer quizzes and bingo sessions! Everything is free and impartial of course. The focus is very much about helping people stay affordably warm and the support available locally and nationally.

(May)  Are you based in the South East? Great range of information at Forces Connect South East Newsletter

(23 April 19) Charities and social enterprises do fantastic work, but may be held back by poor quality information about the impact of that work…See Inspiring Impact for a range of resources and top tips!


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